Smart Tag Charger

Smart Tag Charger

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When a Smart Tag battery runs low, simply place  it on the Smart Tag Charger for a full recharge in about an hour. Just plug the Smart Tag Charger into a USB wall base or port and you’re ready to charge.

Heads up! USB wall charger not included.

  • Charges on contact
  • Rubberized finish

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30 Day Guarantee

1-Year Warranty

A Stick That Doesn't Quit

Taglets and Adhesive Cases both use TBD adhesive to stay in place when you toss your suitcase in the trunk or throw your essentials in a packed purse.

LED + Audio Alerts

Smart Tags chirp and glow red when your bag is missing some of its Taglets and give you a green light when it's ready to go!

Battery That Lasts

Smart Tags can go up to two months between charges. Taglet batteries last up to two years—when dead, just replace with a new one.

Go Ahead, Get It Wet

Rain? Spills? An accidental trip through the laundry? Smart Tags and Taglets can stand up to wet weather and washing.